WORX WG546E Cordless Leaf Blower Review

Have you ever seen a video of people inside of a wind tunnel or better yet, experienced the sensation yourself? Well, now you know how leaves feel, whenever a homeowner or lawn care specialist turns on the WORX WG546E 20V Lithium Air Turbine Blower. Worx Air Turbine technology produces the best leaf blower on the market. The cordless, battery driven leaf blower includes a speed control function that takes care of the entire spectrum of leaf blowing jobs. From light sweeps of a driveway to a full-blown blast of jet that quickly moves damp leaves, the leaf blower from WORX gets the job done right. To quantify what this can do, note that nearly 10 cubic metres of your lawn can be effectively blown clear for every minute’s worth of air pouring out of the machine.

Quite simply then, put away your loud petrol leaf blower and add this leaf blower to your yard care equipment inventory. A thorough Worx leaf blower review wouldn’t be complete without a look at one of the company’s greatest claims to fame: the proprietary Powershare battery platform that allows users to change out the leaf blower battery for installment in other 20-volt WORX machines and power tools. For really tough leaf blowing jobs, use the hyper-stream air nozzle to ensure maximum air propulsion. You would think such a powerful leaf blower strains arm, back, and shoulder muscles. In fact, the WORX WG546E 20V Lithium Air Turbine Blower operates on a lightweight design. The ergonomically friendly machine is so light users can perform leaf clearing jobs with a single hand.

So, what’s not to like about the leaf blower? You have to have ice in your veins like Simon Cowell to come up anything negative about the WG546E. If you want to nitpick, maybe it’s the time you need for mastering the highest air generation level. No, the machine isn’t complicated to operate. It’s just the powerful surge of air can send leaves everywhere. After a few tries, you should have what it takes to enjoy this mini wind tunnel of a leaf blower.


·        Proprietary turbine technology produces powerful bursts of jet

·        Clears 10 cubic metres of lawn for every minute of air generated

·        Versatile machine that works great for large scale projects

·        Never vibrates

·        One-handed operation

·        Hyper-stream air nozzle to ensure maximum air propulsion


·        It takes some time to master using this most effectively


WORX have raised the performance standard for leaf blowers. Turbine generated air quickly pushes damp leaves to where you want to perform bagging or mulching. The ergonomic design relieves the pressure other leaf blowers place on your arms and shoulders. Lightweight materials allow you to operate the leaf blower with one hand, which gives you the freedom to multitask. Yes, you need to get used to the powerful blast of air, but that’s a very small negative for owning a great leaf blower.

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