Makita DLM380Z Cordless Lawn Mower Review

As we move into 2017 it seems that the debate between operating a battery or power cable electric lawnmower might never reach a conclusion. Yet, the Makita DLM380Z Lawnmower makes a strong case for battery powered electric lawnmowers. The lithium-ion battery produces an AC input voltage of 2 X 18. Long lasting power allows you to cut larger lawns, without having to take time for recharging the battery. In addition to long lasting power, you also benefit from the large grass collection box that reduces the number of trips you have to make to the mulch pile.

At a height of nearly 103 centimetres, this lawnmower includes an ergonomically designed carriage that alleviates the pressure placed on your hands, wrists, and arms. In fact, tests prove the lawnmower presents little, if any challenge to operate. Although heavier than other models of battery powered electric mowers, the DLM380Z  performs admirably in cutting lawn corners, as well as near trees and bushes. The straightforward height adjustment lever makes it easy to select the right height to cut grass for simplicity and ease of use, so overall this lawnmower moves to the front of the battery driven electric lawnmower class.

This affordable lawnmower does have a couple of drawbacks. People that experience arthritic pain in the fingers and hands might not like the thin pull handle. It takes some strength to pull and direct the handle to where you want the lawnmower to go. In addition, several tests demonstrate the handle causes blisters after prolonged use of the lawnmower. So you should consider wearing gloves, if you buy the Makita DLM380Z Lawn mower.


·        No cable to get in your way

·        Battery runs long enough to cut large gardens

·        Large grass collection box

·        Nimble enough to move around trees and bushes

·        Easy to use height adjustment lever

·        Long lasting durability


·        Thin handle induces pain for users that suffer from arthritic hands

·        Handle causes hand blisters after extended cutting sessions – definitely room for improvement!

If you don’t suffer from arthritic hands and wear gloves to prevent blisters, you should love using this battery-powered lawnmower from Makita. Nimble enough to cut lawn corners, the lawnmower also includes an easy to adjust height lever. No cumbersome cable and a large grass collection box save you time, there’s a lot to like here.

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