Dewalt Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer Review

How nice would it be to trim grass, without having to adjust the position of a power cord constantly? Give the Dewalt Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer a trip around your lawn to find out that the answer is “Very Nice!” The cordless strimmer allows you to have access to difficult to reach spots in your yard that if not trimmed, become eyesores that prompt neighbors to talk behind your back. The lack of a cord doesn’t diminish the powerful performance of this grass trimmer. In fact, with a motor speed that can reach 6,000 rotations per minute, you operate one of the most powerful strimmers available. The best part of the brushless motor is the long lasting operating time and reduced maintenance costs.

Dewalt ensures users trim grass comfortably by including a professional style protective guard and a second handle that eases the pressure put on your arms and wrists. The two-speed setting and full variable trigger leaves you in complete control of the pace you set to trim around trees and along the edge of your property. With a cutting diameter of 33 centimetres, the Dewalt Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer handles large lawns and gardens with ease. The versatile strimmer surges through wet, tall grass, as well as overgrown brush. Lawn care specialists that transform abandoned properties into immaculately manicured landscapes should add this grass trimmer to the lawn care equipment inventory.

Some reviews lament the inconsistent 18-volt lithium-ion battery performance. The negative reviews of the battery start with Dewalt’s decision not to include the battery in the strimmer package. Inconsistency comes in the form of occasional power bursts that supercharge the grass trimmer, which leads to uneven cuts on weeds and grass. Other than the battery, this strimmer receives glowing praise from consumers.


·         No cord to impede movement

·         Cutting diameter of 33 centimetres

·         Motor can achieve 6,000 rpms

·         Second handle reduces stress on arms and wrists

·         Brushless motor increases operating time and decreases maintenance costs


·         Inconsistent battery performance


Going cordless never felt so good, as you should see by operating the Dewalt Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer. The strimmer can reach 6,000 rotations per minute, which represents an above average power output for grass trimmers. If Dewalt decides to include a consistently performing battery in the strimmer package, the rating for the grass trimmers should put it at the top of the high performance strimmer list.

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