How to Waterproof Your Power Tools

We all know how expensive power tools can be, but the fact is we can’t afford to spend our time worrying about breaking something because it’s expensive and might get broken, when really we should be busy putting it to good use.

Water damage probably strikes more fear into the hearts of DIYers everywhere than any other scenario leading to tools getting damaged, and thanks to the unpredictable nature of the weather, and the fact that construction and renovation is a year round job, it’s an ever present threat.

But fear not, help is at hand!

With the aid of a special silicon or lacquer spray on coating, it’s relatively straightforward to give all the sensitive electrical inners of a drill a good covering that will protect water from finding it’s way in and causing issues. It’s a case of carefully taking the drill apart, locating the electrical circuit board and battery, and applying 2 or 3 layers of coating to be sure that you’re giving the best protection possible.

When it comes to the battery contacts on the battery and tool you’ll need to use a special electrical insulating compound, this will protect against corrosion and decomposition from electrolysis given the presence of water.

Whilst these are the best ways of protecting your tools from water damage, let’s not forget the only way to really be sure is to keep them as dry as possible. Silicon spray and insulating compounds are fine for protecting against a bit of rain or the odd splash, but we still wouldn’t fancy leaving a tool submerged in water for any length of time, just in case!



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