Pump it up: How to Solve The Three Most Common Central Heating Pump Issues


Homeowners can experience central heat problems any time during the year. However, the majority of heat pump problems unfold during the colder months of the year. Although preventive maintenance helps keep central heat pumps in prime condition, you need to understand and fix any problem immediately after your central heat pump shuts down.

Reason #1: Old Age

You can enjoy the highest performing central heat pump on the market, but someday, the central heat pump shuts down due to old age. Father Time invariably ends the shelf life of the most efficient central heat pumps on the market. The best central heat pumps typically last between 15 and 30 years. If you live in a hard water area of the United Kingdom, the development of lime scale deposits reduce the amount of time a central heat pumps operates in your home. A good rule of thumb involves performing annual maintenance checks every year up to 10 years, then increase the maintenance checks to three times per year thereafter.

Reason #2-Dirt and Grime

Whenever dirt and grime accumulates within a central heat pump, the pump must worker harder to produce energy. Sometimes, you can find dirt and grime has shut down the operation of a central heat pump. The causes of excess dirt and grime include the installation of pipes close together, which creates a banging effect that dislodges sentiment that collects inside of the pump. To handle dirt and grime issues, contact a central heating technician to remove everything that prevents your central heat pump from operating efficiently.

Reason #3: Defective Wiring and Pump Plumbing Issues

Defective wiring and poor plumbing produce many of the problems associated with central heat pumps. Wiring issues begin whenever the fuse connected to the pump blows or burns out. Homeowners can replace fuses, but an improperly wired pump often times presents a considerable fire risk. Contact a local electrician to handle central heat pump wiring issues. Moreover, hire a professional plumber to handle plumbing problems.

As a heart pumps blood through the body, a central heat pump pumps energy throughout an entire central heating system. You can’t afford to shiver on a frigid mid-winter day because you failed to detect or fix a central heat pump problem.

Be proactive and perform regular maintenance checks on the central heat pump to prevent malfunctions.



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