Tips For Fixing Drywall Dents

They say there are two certainties in life: Death and taxes. Home owners know a third life certainty lurks in the corner of every room in the house that contains drywall.

Drywall incurs dents and cracks that if left untreated, turn into major home improvement headaches.

Before you paint a wall, you have to prepare the drywall by patching dents and cracks. You need more than a filler and a putty knife to achieve aesthetically appealing results.

You need to follow a few tips for fixing drywall dents.

Repair Drywall Dents by Using Repair Spray

Drywall dents typically appear near furniture and high traffic areas inside of your home. Repair spray ensures you enjoy a long lasting paint job that doesn’t succumb to dent and crack damage. A flexible, yet hard to damage membrane covers the dent to produce a smooth wall surface. Use a patching compound to fill the dent and spray the dent surface with repair spray. It only takes a short time for repair to dry, before you finish the drywall dent repair job by applying paint.

Apply a Self-Priming Filler

Conventional patching fillers invariably require the application of a moisture resistant sealant, before you apply the primer. The result of not including a sealant in a priming filler is the appearance of patched areas on a painted surface. You can add primer to patching fillers, but you should eliminate this step by applying a self-priming filler. Several manufacturers offer self-priming fillers. Search for the terms “with primer” or “self-primer” on the container label.

One Swipe is All It Takes

Drywall professionals like to fill dents by creating a long stripe of joint compound, instead of wasting time by filling each dent individually. Not only does a long joint compound stripe save you time, it also does a much better job of concealing the dent damage. Moreover, this method makes it easier to sand drywall dents.

Let There Be Light!

A raking light provides enough illumination to ensure you accurately fix drywall dents. You position a raking light to create a bright beam that covers a large section of drywall. Industrial grade raking lights highlight every dent and crack to give you an idea if you need more primer filler or more sanding over the defective drywall surface.

How to Patch Damaged Drywall Paper

You have to worry about fixing drywall dents, as well as repairing damaged drywall paper that forms near the dents. If you patch over the drywall paper, without sealing it, you can expect unsightly air bubbles to appear under the drywall paper. The most effective method for patching drywall paper that covers drywall dents involves using an oil or shellac concentrated sealant that repels air and moisture. When the sealant dries, gently sand around the papered dent to strengthen drywall paper fuzz.

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