Winter DIY Tips

There’s no doubt that this November has been one of the warmest in recent times, but the last few days have definitely seen temperatures return to a more familiar winter chill. As far as doing DIY outside and in the garden goes, it’s probably worth parking your efforts for the time being. Instead now’s a good time to turn your attention to any jobs that need doing indoors, and having the right tools for the job is an absolute must if you want to be successful.

Power on through!

For bigger jobs that require more muscle, there’s simply no substitute for having the right power tool to hand, they save time, energy and potential frustration. Having the essentials in your tool bag, chiefly a power drill, sander and perhaps a jigsaw or circular saw, will literally shave hours off almost any DIY task. Obviously when using power tools it’s important to pay close attention to safety, and this includes wearing safety goggles and ear protection.

Work Smart

We live in the midst of the digital age, technology has been developed to make almost every aspect of our lives easier, and the world of DIY is no different. There are countless Apps available for download to your smart phone that will assist you in everything from checking a shelf is level, to helping you visualise what your room will look like once completed. Best of all these apps are usually completely free, so there’s no excuse not to benefit from what they have to offer, after all they’re sure to make your job that much easier and more enjoyable.

Plan Ahead and Set Goals

Unfortunately human nature means that sticking to a plan isn’t always as easy as we might like it to be. In the world of DIY this often means that jobs are started and unfinished, which can be frustrating for all concerned. Spending just a little time planning can really pay off and ensure that you follow through with the project. Having specific goals rather than just vague ideas will give you something specific to aim for, and encourage you to stay focused and motivated.

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