Black & Decker EPC12CAK Drill Driver Review

With a weight of 2.7kg only, this drill driver is very light to hold, and it also fits snugly in the palm thus ensuring fast and comfortable operation. If you’re looking for a small, lightweight drill for use in your home, basement and garden, you’ve come to the right place.

The Black & Decker EPC12CAK is the perfect cordless drill driver to help you do basic tasks such as putting together furniture, as well as many small repairs and drilling tasks at home. Add the price tag into the mix and this starts to shape up as a pretty good deal.

With 24 Torque settings, this drill driver allows for a wide range of adjust-ability and you only need to get the right torque setting depending on the task that you want done, and let the drill do the rest! The heavier the task, the more the torque and vice versa. For basic, light DIY tasks in your home and outdoor repairs, this drill drive is ideal. However, it’s not the best tool for you if you need to do more heavy duty tasks like drilling right through a wall.

Because it is designed for occasional users, this drill’s features make it easy to handle even if you are a first-timer in the DIY world. For instance, changing screwdriver bits is not only simple but also quick because it’s fitted with a two sleeve keyless chuck, so you just use one hand to hold one sleeve as the other hand slots the screwdriver inside the chuck, easy peasy!


  • Outstanding ergonomic design and easily adjustable
  • Feels comfortable and easy to handle because the handle is made of a soft grip plastic
  • A good degree of accuracy is assured
  • Light and portable, hence you can move and work with it anywhere


  • Not fit for harder and more demanding jobs
  • There is a possibility that the battery pack can melt if you overcharge it


This drill driver, equipped with several torque settings and an easily adjusted twin sleeve keyless chuck, makes it easy to perform the majority of all common DIY tasks and outdoor repairs. In short it’s the ideal power tool for anyone looking for a high quality tool for basic home repairs and tasks. Let’s be clear though, basic means basic, so it’s not for rigourous tasks like drilling through a brick wall. If that’s what you want done, this isn’t what you’re looking for because that will stretch it beyond its limits. Ensure you don’t overcharge the battery. Do not buy if you are a day-by-day handyman. It will not serve you.

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