Bosch PSR 1080 Drill Driver Review

It’s cheap, and reassuringly it’s a Bosch tool,  who are of course a well-known name when it comes to most power tools. The PSR1080 drill driver is made for those easy DIY tasks and repairs you periodically need to carry out at home. So to that end it’s important to note it’s not really a tool targeted towards professionals.

If you’re looking for a drill driver for easy, quick and efficient for screw driving, as well as a whole range of simple drilling tasks inside your house and around the home, such as drilling holes for shelf brackets, the Bosch PSR 1080 is the ideal choice to get it all done to a high standard, yet at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Fitted with 10 pre-selectable torque settings, optimum power is at your disposal for a wide range of applications as well as for drilling into different materials. With this drill driver you’ll be able to drive screws into whatever material or item you need to, be it a fence post, structural wooden beams, or into the wall when fitting light switches and power sockets. Having said that, we’d probably draw the line at metals and hard stonework, you’ll need a combi drill if you have this type of work on the agenda

Since it is made for non-professionals, this drill integrates a keyless chuck to make it easier for you when changing drill bits. Of course, you wouldn’t wish to cope with it if it were complicated because this isn’t your career, just a hobby at best! There was a time when repeated charging and discharging would have caused concerns about a battery losing its effectiveness over time, but there is no need to worry about that here, it won’t happen here since the lithium ion battery lacks a memory effect hence no self-discharge.

On the subject of the battery, the unit supplied with the PSR 1080 LI is standard right across Bosch’s ‘POWER4ALL’ range, so much like other manufacturers have now done with their tools, the battery and charger from this drill are compatible with other tools that sit within the same family.


  • Keyless chuck features is fully integrated making it more versatile and easy to use
  • All types of user friendly because the handle is a good size for all palms. Again, it is not weighty and any adult can handle it effortlessly
  • Integrated work light for working in low light areas
  • Single speed gearbox, transfers power efficiently, keeps the cost down and reduces the number of points of failure
  • Great power and charge that lasts for a long time even whilst in use
  • Charge level indicator allows you to plan your activities based on how much juice is left in the tank


  • It can’t stand upright so must be laid on its side when not in use
  • Not economical for professionals because it cannot be subjected to doing tougher jobs


After doing some close analysis of its features and the competition, we can confidently say that this drill driver is the only thing that you need when you want to do any light drilling work at your home, whoever you might be. Keep away from it if you are a professional because you will be disappointed, not because it’s overall quality is of a non professional, but also because it cannot handle harder tasks, which is what its price tag suggests. For the domestic user however, this is probably one of the best drill drivers on the market.

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