Makita 6271DWPE Drill Driver Review

For us the Makita 6271DWPE is the best drill driver on the market as it provides the best control when driving screws of different sizes into woods, metals or walls. n fact whatever task you have lined up for it, the 6271DWPE will make short work either way. It’s affordable, yet also a defiant performer.

With plenty of torque, a 2 speed gearbox and 12 volt battery, you can comfortably drill steel up to 10mm and wood up to 25mm with this drill. Drilling doesn’t get better than this as long as you don’t stretch it beyond its limits. You’ll know exactly what we mean as soon as you pick it up and start using it, and you’ll see that it shouldn’t be underrated due to its small size.

Because it’s a drill made to maximise efficiency, it comes with two 12v, 1.3 Ah Ni-Cad batteries.  It’s also sold together with a charger to guarantee you stay working, with one battery on the go and another on charge. Its flexibility is almost impeccable, and as a point in case, it’s also fitted with keyless chuck, so changing the drill bit is effortless. Whether you prefer a faster, or moderate working pace, it only takes a quick flick of the switch to change the speed of the drill.


  • Easy control and manoeuvrability due to many adjustable options in speed and torque
  • Keyless chuck for quick and effortless drill bit changes
  • Comfortable rubber grip making it universally comfortable
  • Several torque selections to accommodate heavy-duty applications
  • Balanced and comfortable design
  • Easy maintenance- it’s easy to clean


  • Much heavier than other drill drivers, which has made some users express disappointment
  • Battery is not long lasting


This is the ideal drill and driver combo for all materials be it wood, steel or wall. It guarantees you a perfect job if you handle it the way it is supposed to be used, especially the battery, although admittedly it must be said that this has been known to break altogether, or at the very least sometimes fail. You can avoid that by not exceeding the limits as specified. It accommodates all users and it’s not user gender, or strength biased, so, the elderly or those with small hands have a reason to celebrate!

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