WORX WX128 12V Drill Driver Review

Nine times out of ten you’ll find drilling to be a fairly straightforward activity, that’s until you have to gain access to dark, tight spaces, which is made all the worse if you’re drilling into hard, stubborn surfaces. The upshot is that your drill fails to perform as well because you can’t clearly see where you’re drilling, and things get very frustrating indeed.

The WORX WX128 12V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Drill Driver takes care of this problem by including a powerful LED light to illuminate the darkest corners of your home. You need never worry about the LED  failing to shine or the driver shutting down due to a lack of juice. The long lasting, rechargeable 12-volt battery keeps your projects on track, and on the subject of the battery you can also remove this from the drill driver and insert it into any other WORX 12 volt tool. WORX have created a compact, lightweight design to prevents hand and arm fatigue from setting in during prolonged home improvement jobs. This is a drill driver after all, and you wouldn’t want it to feel like a hammer drill or impact driver unless it was going to perform like one.

Designed for lighter drilling and screwdriving it may be, but make no mistake, the variable two-speed motor provides the versatility for this drill driver to perform a whole range of drilling tasks. Twenty torque settings allow you to adjust to rapidly changing drilling requirements on the fly, and indeed you rarely have to shut the drill driver down to adjust torque settings. Again, the ergonomically designed handle reduces the tension placed on your hands and arms, which is an important positive attribute for extended stints drilling fasteners and attachments – note also that you’re unobstructed by the kind of chunky battery pack you associate with a combi drill or hammer drill, this offering is far more neat and compact.

Some reviewers claim the drill driver produces 10.8 volts, not the 12 volts stated by WORX. Whether this is true or not we don’t know, but we’ve certainly not found that our WX128 suffers in performance in any case. It must be said that the Impulse operating mode experiences occasional performance issues that prevent the hammer action from working, but to be honest the sheer fact this drill driver even has in a hammer feature is a bonus. Several users find the 1 hour to 1.5 hour charging time inadequate, since WORX includes a 30-minute charger with other power tools in the company’s inventory. This is a fair comment, and certainly something that could be rectified by WORX fairly easily, so it’s a shame the 30 minute charger isn’t included.


  • Two-speed motor and twenty torque settings provides versatility
  • Compact, lightweight design minimizes hand and arm fatigue
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Long lasting 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • Powerful LED illumination
  • Packs enough power to drill through 10mm of steel


  • Inconsistent Impulse operating mode
  • Inadequate charger


A few minor problems detract from some of the performance delivered by the WORX WX128 Drill Driver. When we say minor, we mean problems that you barely notice, if you notice the problems at all. This easy to use drill driver ensures your hands and arms never tire, while delivering precise performance in the darkest corners of your home. Twenty torque settings allow you to use the same drill driver to match the demands of different tasks, and the LED worklight means that you can do so wherever and whenever you wish.

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