Einhell 3436040 33cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower Review

Even the lightest leaf blowers put plenty of pressure on your arms, back, and shoulders. You spend most of the time leaf blowing holding the machine tightly in your hands, which induces painful bones and joints. The Einhell 3436040 33cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower eliminates this ergonomic nightmare by including a back pack. Wrap the back pack around your waste and say goodbye to arm, back, and shoulder pain. In addition, all of the operating features that you need to access sit conveniently on the handle. Instead of moving your arms and hands all over the machine trying to access an operational mode, you simply push a button located on the handle.

The powerful 33cc two-stroke engine that drives the Einhell 3436040 33cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower decreases the time you spend removing leaves from your lawn. You can even blow wet grass clippings off your lawn by putting this leaf blower into maximum power mode. The full crankshaft enhances durability by quickly removing contaminants from the engine. Many users praise the leaf blower for extricating damp leaves and grass clippings from narrow crevices, such as thin cracks on sidewalks and driveways. The throttle comes with a locking option, which prevents users from accidentally revving the engine up, whenever you want the machine to idle.

It appears the performance of the Einhell 3436040 33cc Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower isn’t consistent. Several users have complained about the engine not starting straight out of the box. You can’t afford to open the box to set up your new leaf blower and then find out it fails to start. Noise and vibrations also plague the performance of this leaf blower.


·        Powerful engine removes the most difficult to clear damp leaves and grass clippings

·        Throttle includes locking option to bolster safety

·        Back pack provides ergonomic benefits

·        All operational buttons located on handle

·        Full crankshaft eliminates engine contaminants


·        Inconsistent performance

·        Some units fail to start straight out of the package

·        Noisy

·        Strong vibrations


It’s nice to operate a leaf blower hands free, as it snugly sits in a back pack. However, the back pack benefits diminish, whenever the leaf blower begins to vibrate strongly. This back pack has noise and vibration issues that counter the positive features, such as a strong engine and convenient to access operational buttons. Moreover, the leaf blower provides inconsistent performance that should have you looking elsewhere for a machine that removes leaves from your lawn.

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Einhell 3436040 Backpack Leaf Blower Review
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