Einhell GE-CG Cordless Garden Pruner Review

Are you tired of using a rusty old pair of shears, and would rather use something that will actually help you enjoy every minute of the normally dull task of trimming and pruning lighter hedges and shrubs? If so the chances are that you’ll be looking for compact but high performing power trimmer of some kind. The model that best fits these conditions is the Einhell GE-CG  Grass Shear, largely  because of its carefully designed blades, frame, and lightweight package that makes it just as easy to hold as the afrementioned shears. The net result for you, is a more effortless approach to garden maintenance, that with a bit of luck you’ll actually quite enjoy.

To learn more about the specific features that will make your trimming experience fun, have a look at these additional details.

The key features of the shears

• Stain free double blade design that makes it easy to get clean cuts on your lawn. This further makes it possible to complete trimming tasks around your home fast.
• Easy-to-use controls that make using this a joy. The knobs control the blades speed, depth of cut, and even braking.
• Rubber coated handle for a firmer grip when using and assembling parts.
• Lithium-Ion Battery that has slow discharge rate enables you to work for longer. Besides, the battery does not get damaged by charging regularly after use even if not fully discharged.
• The overall package size of the shear is 19 by 78 by 11.5 cm that makes it easy to cut even small corners and lovely curves that cannot be done with bigger trimmers, as well of course as only requiring one hand to do so.
• Easy to apply brakes make the shears safer when working. You can easily press the brake button for sudden halt to avoid emergencies.
• Hardened and light base and frame totaling just 2kg makes it easy to work with the shears for longer without fatigue.


Pros of Einhell Grass Shears / Garden Pruner GE-CG 10.8 LI Cordless

• Being cordless shears, you can work on hedges and lawns located some distance from home.
• The double blades, batteries, and controls are sturdily designed for additional strength and durability.
• The machine is easy to use when trimming hedges or working on lawns. Almost everybody can comfortably use the shears because of their light weight.
• Unlike other trimmers, these shears have minimal vibrations when working. You make clean cuts effortlessly, without being irritated by vibration in the process.
• Lithium-ion batteries that come with this shear enable you work longer without requiring recharge.


The shear requires you to bend down when trimming low-level hedges and lawn edges. This could limit the amount of work you can complete without discomfort


Every homeowner wants to sculpt the perfect garden, which is only possible when you have the right equipment. For pruning smaller hedges and shrubs the GE-CG is the perfect tool for the job. The shears make the entire activity fun and because they’re so easy to use, almost anyone can use them as long as they’re sensible about it.

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