Draper 03465 Hedge Trimmer Review

When you’re looking for a domestic level hedge trimmer, you really want something that’s lightweight and compact. Not only will this make it easy to use, but it will also make it possible to use it for long periods of time without getting tired. The Draper 03465, although fairly modest in its design, does indeed offer a lightweight and simple hedge trimming solution.


·        Comes with an instant stop brake, essential for preventing accidents

·        Ergonomically designed handle. Just because this is an entry level trimmer doesn’t mean you should have to suffer from aches in your hands and wrists.

·        Able to trim through branches of 16mm diameter, admittedly not the largest on the market but more than sufficient for the light work this is designed for

·        A ground and hardened blade that will last many years of regular use. So in other words the blades are the least likely element of the trimmer to cause you problems, which is good news

·       530 mm blade length, of which 500mm is the cutting length, again fair for a trimmer of this class

·        Roughly only 2.5 kg in weight, this is as lightweight as you could hope for, and one of the most appealing things about the Draper 03465


·        It’s lightweight and comfortable to use

·        One of the cheapest trimmers of its size on the market

·        Favourable blade length, with a cutting length of 500 mm to rival even some petrol hedge trimmers


·        If you have an extensive garden, the length of cord that it comes with may not be enough

·        It does not have an adjustable handle, so reaching more awkward areas won’t be as easy as those trimmers that do

·        You may find the three buttons that have to be pressed in together to make it work a bit awkward, but there again this arrangement is there for your safety


Most people in the market for a trimmer are looking for something compact and light, built to last, and that performs well. After all what else do you need from it? The Draper 03465  ticks just about all of these boxes, with the only potential limiting factor being that it can only cut through branches with a maximum diameter of 16mm, and of course the restriction of a power cable, but just as long as your hedges are small, you won’t have any problems with this at all.

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