Flymo EasiCut 450 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Looking for a budget hedge trimmer that blows the competition out of the water when it comes to price? Then this is may well be the trimmer for you, a word of warning though, this benefit may come at a cost all of it’s own.

Flymo are a name to trust, whether it’s their celebrated hover mower designs, innovative strimmers, or just about any other facet of the garden machinery world, these guys know their stuff. So that’s worth bearing in mind here, and this is definitely a quality product for the money. However, like people companies don’t possess super powers, so this trimmer does fall down some of the time.

Let’s look at some of the other benefits first.

Like other small hedge trimmers, or hedge trimmers designed for use in small gardens this is certainly comparable. The 450 Watt motor is typical, as is the 45cm blade length and 16cm blade tooth gap size. To that end, this machine performs exactly as it should.

In fact perhaps most refreshingly of all, this trimmer is fitted with a monstrous 12 metre cable, almost unheard of when it comes to small trimmers, so this is a definite ‘well done’ to Flymo, is is the cable ‘self retract’ feature, a real time saver when putting the trimmer away, and for keeping the cable out of harms way when the business end is in full flight.

We also really love the innovative handle design that this trimmer possesses, as well as the traditional ‘bale’ type front handle, there is also the option of using another ‘pistol grip’ type handle with the leading hand, especially useful when cutting a hedge ‘face on’ rather than with the blade parallel to the ground.

What lets this little trimmer down is unfortunately it’s weight, at 3.1kg it’s significantly heavier than other trimmers of this size, so it will lose appeal for the weak or very elderly.

Also on the negative side is this trimmer’s rather unfortunate tendency to jam or stop working. Despite the powerful motor it would seem that something has gone awry with the design somewhere along the line, so it’s probably worth making extra sure you keep the blade clean and properly lubricated.

None the less, this is only an occasional gripe, and for the rock bottom price tag it’s to be expected in all honesty. This is the ideal hedge trimmer to go for if you only need it for very light and occasional use, so if this is you, get stuck in!

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Flymo EasiCut 450 Electric Hedge Trimmer

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