Gardena Ergo Cut 48 Electric Hedge Trimmer

How good is the Gardena Ergo Cut 18-inch Electric Hedge Trimmer? Well, it’s a small trimmer, but that size isn’t a reflection of the kind of work it can do or indeed its performance. It’s been sturdily built to withstand the rigors of summer, spring, and autumn trimming. It’s also lightweight and if you take good care of it, you’ll have an effective piece of kit in the shed for many years to come. If you’ve got a smaller garden then this is likely to be a perfect match for you.
With Gardena being predominantly a German brand, this trimmer has proven extremely popular among those in its home nation. The Germans are among the most technologically savvy in Europe, so this certainly bodes well for the rest of us.


1. It comes with a 900 rotational handle that helps one to adjust to a proper cutting position and make trimming easy and fun
2. It comes with a 550W motor and a 480mm blade length that can be able to slice through branches of 27mm thickness
3. Has trigger that fits snugly into the hand and is easy to use
4. It also has a protector for the tip, which is important when you are trimming the lower branches and bushes near the ground.
5. The double sided blade has laser precision for cleaner and easier trimming

Pros and cons


• It is light in weight, ensuring easier, strain-free use when using it on your hedge
• It cuts with laser precision, and the blade is double-sided
• The ergonomic 900 rotating handle enables the user to trim even the awkwardly shaped bushes easily
• Easy and strong trimming without any interruptions
• Fast brake feature for extra protection
• Smooth performance with minimal vibration to help you cut easily


There is not much to say about the cons as there really aren’t any. However, unless you have strong arms, you will find the 5kg that the trimmer packs on the heavy side.


There are many hedge trimmers in the market, and names aren’t always everything, but sometimes it is just better to buy what is well known. Some sources claim that 90 percent of  garden owners in Germany use the Gardena products. Now we can’t verify such a claim, but there is no denying it’s a bold statement either way. Ones thing’s for sure, you will not be buying blindly if you do choose this trimmer, and it will most certainly get the job done easily and with precision.

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