Powerplus POWXG2009 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

A good hedge trimmer isn’t just about ensuring that your hedges and bushes are neat and tidy. Rather, the trimmer should be about making the job as easy and effortless as possible. This is what the Powerplus POWXG2009 will do for you. This trimmer is best  for smaller gardens and hedges due to the restriction of the power cable. Having said that, it kicks out a lot of power for an electric trimmer, and has a cutting blade length to rival most petrol models.


  • It is a double action trimmer with the blades moving in opposite directions while simultaneously cutting against each other. This creates a more powerful cutting action, and less vibration is generated.
  • It comes with a guard to protect your hands
  • The handle (rotatable) allows you to cut the hedges while in different positions and angles – one of our favourite features on any hedge trimmer
  • The coiled section of the power cable means it’s hard to cut the cable accidentally
  • The laser cut precision steel blade is good at cutting cleanly and neatly
  • The electronic brake ensures that once you stop using the trimmer, the blades will stop moving in milliseconds and by that reducing the risk of accidental injuries


  • The cutting width of 24mm allows the easy cutting of thick leaves and branches
  • At 750 Watts this is a powerful machine, and unless you need a petrol trimmer then you won’t need more power than this
  • the blade length is a monstrous 690mm, one of the largest sizes you’ll see on an electric strimmer, so you won’t find many tools that get the job done quicker
  • A separate 10m cable extension is available, although any suitable outdoor extension cable will do just fine!
  • The rotating blades and motor enable you to keep the same hand grip whether you are cutting vertically or horizontally
  • The anti-blocking system is particularly impressive in reversing the blades when necessary and preventing stalling
  • It is not overly loud so it won’t cause unreasonable distractions to your neighbours


  • Switching seamlessly between blade positions is tricky and risky if done under power. So, be sure first to let go of the front handle to release and rotate the blade


The Powerplus POWXG2009 is an ideal tool for maintaining the perfect garden. It’s one of the more powerful and larger electric trimmers on the market, which makes it the ideal solution for you if you’re unsure about buying a petrol hedge trimmer but still want the same level of power and performance.

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Powerplus POWXG2009 Electric Hedge Trimmer
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