Worx WG210E Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Say hello to the powerful, and somewhat unusual and minimalist looking Worx WG210E electric hedge trimmer, innovative in performance as well as aesthetics. Complete with a double action blade, that is, a double-edged blade, and a comfortable front ‘D grip’ handle designed to reduce fatigue while you work. And that’s not all, the motor has been positioned carefully, at the centre of the tool, so as to spread the weight of the trimmer evenly. Why is this important? Well it means that you can trim for as long as you need to without feeling unduly fatigued.

Features of the Worx WG210E

  • Has a 600 watt motor- definitely at the more powerful end of the electric strimmer spectrum
  • Sold with a blade guard that helps protect the blade against damage when not using the trimmer as well as keeping you and other people safe
  • Weights roughly 4.9 kilograms – not the lightest, but by no means the heaviest trimmer either
  • Laser cut precision blades ensure a clean performance and very clean and trim cut
  • In line motor design, ensures that there is perfect balance whenever you’re using the trimmer, as well as being compact and efficient
  • Double action blade gives excellent and high performance


  • The weight and balance are both perfect for a trimmer. This makes it easy for you to handle even though it weighs all of 4.9kg
  • Your performance during use is optimised because of the trimmer’s inline motor position and slender form, both of which make it easy to take command over both the tool and the task at hand
  • The 600mm trimming blade ensures that a lot of foliage is removed per sweep
  • Minimal vibration reduces the risk of irritation or injury


  • The weight of this may seem to be too much for some people who do not have a great deal of strength in their arms, despite the weight being evenly distributed


There are many reasons to but the WG210E, but above all you’ll have a well-balanced trimmer that is easy to handle, and that’s really where it’s strength lies. A lot of the bulk found on other trimmer designs has been stripped away here, leaving you with an elegant piece of equipment that is a pleasure to handle, as well as an effective aid to your garden maintenance routine.

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