Handy THEV2600 Electric Leaf Blower/Vac Review

Handy THEV2600 Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum Lawn Mower WizardThe THEV2600 is a fairly powerful blower that also manages to maintain a compact size. It also allows you to easily collect large batches of leaves with very little effort, but what’s most impressive is the shape of the nozzle,  noticeably smaller than other blowers on the market, which might think this would be restrictive, only allowing smaller leaves to pass into collection bag. However if this is a complaint most users haven’t been very vocal about it. Instead the benefit of this is that it allows to hone all of the power into one small spot. Anyone who has experience of using a blower/vac will know the pain of trying to suck leaves from in between flowers, only to end up completely destroying everything around them due to a wide nozzle. This product will put a stop to that issue once and for all.

Conversely of course this does mean that you might have issues with larger pieces of matter getting stuck. The nozzle may to be blame given how thin it is.

In terms of the shoulder strap, it’s easy to connect but unfortunately not really long enough. Unless you’re of the exact height this was designed for you could find it quite restricting at times. The fabric can be a bit rough on the shoulders so it’s best not to use it for really lengthy jobs, and a backpack blower can’t be beaten in this respect.

The length of the cable, being 6 meters, might also be something you need to take into account. If you haven’t got one already an extension cable that allows you to reach all ends of your garden might be a handy investment.


  • The 2600 watt motor is definitely a big selling point. Not many leaf blowers can pump out this much power
  • Thin nozzle designed to reach difficult areas


  • The nozzle will cause problems if you have things like stones knocking around your garden, be careful while vacuuming near them to avoid jamming, and also avoid large clumps of wet leaves – it might be worth a quick run around with the rake first, just to break up any large clumps
  • Shoulder trap could be uncomfortable if you are taller than average
  • Not designed to suck up stones in vac mode, if you do you may find that the fan breaks rendering the product useless!


If you’re struggling to get in between plants and collect leaves without damaging half of your garden, this is the best electric leaf blower for the job. The design is in this respect quite unlike most blowers and seems to target this problem specifically. The only reason we wouldn’t recommend this product is due to the strap. Let’s face it, most of the time garden maintenance can take a while so comfort is usually paramount. However, if you will only ever have small amounts of work it will not affect you greatly.

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Handy THEV2600 Electric Leaf Blower/Vac Review
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