Merry Tools 100760 Electric Leaf Blower Review

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The first thing you’ll notice about this product is the size. Most leaf blowers can be quite large and difficult to get around with, which is the last thing you want for a task that requires you moving around constantly. This blower weighs only 2.1Kg, which makes navigating all those ‘out of reach’ areas in your garden much easier.

Putting it away afterwards is also not an issue, you won’t have to spend hours re-locating the contents of your garden shed to fit this in with only a 32cm frame in length. However, this can also work against the product. You will find yourself bending over a lot more to reach the dust or leaves that you want to clear.

This is a product ideal for use in a small garden or enclosed area. If possesses quite a powerful 550W motor, but due to the sheer size we would not recommend trying this out on large jobs. The nozzle, located at the front, is made entirely out of rubber. Meaning it’s designed to target specific areas while not damaging fixtures or plants.

The power setting can be altered using a switch and very little effort. You will find yourself using this product both in and out of your house due to this function, making it one of the best electric leaf blowers on the market in terms of practicality. The fact it typically retails for less than £30 means you won’t be breaking the bank bif you buy one.


• Rubber nozzle specialised to reach troublesome areas
• Alternative power settings for a range of uses – very popular for clearing dirt from garages and cars among other things
• Easy to store


• The small length of the product can cause too much bending and strain on your back
• Not appropriate for large areas or high volume jobs


If you want a compact product to help cultivate your garden with a very low risk of damage, this is the blower for you. It’s cheap and will sometimes even save you having to get the hoover out for tasks inside the home. If you’re working in a woodland area, or having to clear a lot of leaves, it might be wiser to invest in a larger tool.
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