Powerplus 3000 Watt Garden Leaf Blower Review

Deemed the ultimate leaf blower for medium sized lawns, the Powerplus 3000 Watt Garden Leaf Blower falls short in the performance department for many users. The low cost leaf blower has left consumers scratching their heads and exclaiming, “You get what you paid for.” Beginning with delayed delivery times, the leaf blower goes downhill from the moment it arrives at your doorstep. Reports of stalled motors and parts breaking down shortly after receiving the leaf blower should raise eyebrows among consumers. From the analysis of customer reviews, it appears buying the leaf blower is akin to rolling the dice at a casino.

Another problem with the Powerplus 3000 Watt Garden Leaf Blower is the inability of the leaf blower to remove wet leaves. The machine accomplishes its primary operating task by sweeping dry leaves of lawns and driveways, but it does a poor job of collecting damp debris. Many reviewers complain about the inferior suction of the leaf blower, while other users place the blame on performance with the weak motor. The carriage of this leaf blower also receives thumb down for not repelling impacts from flying debris. The chances of hitting an object and forcing it into the air are high, whenever you operate a leaf blower. Therefore, you need a machine that withstands the constant pounding delivered by flying debris.

The Powerplus 3000 Watt Garden Leaf Blower has some positive attributes, that is, if you buy one that runs flawlessly. Three operating functions offer you versatility, as well as save you money in the purchase of lawn care equipment. The 50-litre collection bag saves you time during leaf mulching jobs. Powerplus provides a three-year warranty with the leaf blower, which represents one of the longer warranties offered for leaf blowers.


·        Double wheel support

·        Three operating modes

·        Fifty-litre collection bag

·        Three-year warranty


·        Susceptible to dents and scratches

·        Delayed delivery time

·        Poorly designed motor

·        Parts break down soon after purchase

·        Not good at removing wet leaves


If saving money is your main priority, then consider purchasing this leaf blower. However, remember that saving a few pounds now probably costs you money in the long-term. The leaf blower manufactured by Powerplus has far too many operational issues that end up costing you more money than if you purchased a more costly leaf blower.

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