Ryobi RBV3000CSV Blower-Vac Review

With the capability to clear 14 metres of your lawn for every one minute of air flow, the Ryobi RBV3000CSV Blower-Vac covers more ground in less time than most of the ground covered by leaf blowers in the same niche. This dual purpose lawn care machine generates air speed that tops 350 kilometres per hour, which is more than enough thrust to remove mounds of wet leaves from your driveway. Ryobi have created a 3,000-watt motor that ranks near the top of the list for electric leaf blowers. Two operating modes allow you to perform two different jobs using the same machine. Simply switch tubes between blower and vacuum modes and you’re good to go.

For all of its performance achievements, the Ryobi RBV3000CSV Blower-Vac truly shines in the ergonomics department. The lightweight design of the machine reduces the amount of pressure paced on arm, back, and shoulder muscles. Shaped to conform to several types of body sizes, this compact leaf blower provides ergonomic benefits to keep you working outdoors, instead of taking multiple breaks to ease the strain of carrying a leaf blower. Wear the padded shoulder strap to enhance the ergonomic benefits of this leaf blower.

The motor has received poor reviews, with some users stating the motor never made it to the six-month mark. Many users report engine problems for Ryobi RBV3000CSV Blower-Vac machines that endure daily use. This means the leaf blower might not be suitable for lawn care companies that roll out their equipment seven days a week. The leaf blower also experiences clogged leave removal tubes, especially the accumulation of wet leaves. If the leaf blower didn’t stop working, it lost power that produced an ineffective leaf removal job.


·        Powerful 3,000-watt motor

·        Two operating modes for adapting to different leaf removal needs

·        Compact, lightweight design

·        Padded shoulder strap alleviates pressure placed on body

·        Metal impellor much more rugged and less likely to break than the usual plastic offering


·        Short motor lifespan

·        Clogged leaf removal tubes


With a potent 3,000-watt motor, this leaf blower leads the pack of machines that quickly remove debris from lawns and driveways. However, if the motor fails to work after a few months, the benefit of power disappears and it doesn’t matter how good it once was. Clogged vacuum tubes also hinder the performance of the leaf blower. You’ll enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the compact and lightweight design, but you pay the price in terms of not receiving long lasting performance. Overall verdict – tread carefully.

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