Skil 0791AB Leaf Blower and Vacuum Review

This leaf blower is a cheaper alternative wheeled unit that is definitely worth looking at if you don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend. It’s very simple to put together and well designed for doing so with minimal parts. So you won’t have to spend hours looking at an instruction manual, you be able to get straight to work.

The power cord is a decent length, I was able to reach the very bottom of my garden without any problems. For those of you with longer areas you can always purchase a cheap extension cable.

A main difference with this product is the control system. Usually, you’ll find leaf blowers use switches or buttons. However, control of the Skil 0791AB revolves mostly around a knob used to change between the different modes of blowing, vacuum and shredding. This is a great idea, however a switch or button would be easier to use on the move. Instead, you have to stop what you’re doing as it takes two hands to turn.

It’s extremely lightweight at 4.7kg. This makes for easy storage, although when on the job it brings some issues to the table surrounding balance. Because of the weight, once the bag gets increasingly more full you’ll have to provide extra support to stop the blower lifting upwards or falling back. This can become quite annoying as in order to overcome it you’ll need to keep changing the bag.


• Cheap, alternative tool
• Easy to put together


• Balance can be a problem
• The knob used to change modes requires you to stop completely


Overall, this product is the best leaf blower if you need something that won’t break the bank, but is still capable of clearing and disposing of debris in the garden. The disproportionate weight gain from a full bag might put you off, but it provides an efficient way to clear your lawn.

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