Black & Decker GL8033 800W Corded Grass Strimmer Review

The 800-watt output of the Black + Decker GL8033 800W Corded Grass Strimmer allows users to trim dense vegetation that grows adjacent to a wall, fence line, walkway, and flower bed. Black + Decker designed the GL8033 to handle the toughest trimming jobs thrown in its accurate path. The Wheel Edge Guide ensures immaculate edging of a wide variety of lawn layouts to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Propelled by Black + Decker proprietary E-Drive technology, the high torque gear system and incredibly fast line speed of 7,000 rotations per minute churn through overgrown sections of you lawn. The strimmer never clogs, as it cuts a 35-centimetre swathe that reduces the time you spend finishing a lawn care job.

Ten meters of spool means you can run a line for lengthy periods, before reaching for the spare spool located on the shaft of the Black + Decker GL8033 800W Corded Grass Strimmer. The automatic line feed system is another feature that saves you time and more important, effort. Black + Decker mid mounts the motor to ensure balance and control. You never have to worry about the strimmer leaning to one side and hence, scarring sections of your lawn. The GL8033 includes an adjustable handle that provides ergonomic benefits, especially easing pressure on the back and shoulders. Maximum comfort equals less break time and more productive trimming time.

The knock on this strimmer is some users have complained about the trimming action on course lawn sections, such as brambles and stinging nettles. A few reviews mention users breaking all 10 H/D cords, whenever they tried to use the strimmer on course vegetation. Moreover, the inability to tilt the head angle can cause tall users to begin cutting into the ground.


·         Remarkable line speed of 7,000 rpms

·         Motor output of 800 watts

·         Wheel Edge Guide creates perfectly edged lawns

·         Automatic line feed system

·         Adjustable handle relieves pressure on back and shoulders

·         Mid mount motor creates balanced movements


·         Might have trouble trimming course vegetation

·         Inability to tilt head angle a liability for tall users


The Black + Decker GL8033 800W Corded Grass Strimmer presents a couple of minor issues that pale in comparison to the numerous benefits of using the strimmer to trim and edge grass on your lawn. A very powerful motor coupled with advanced edging technology makes this strimmer a must have for both homeowners and lawn care companies. Balanced action, ergonomic handle, and automatic line feed system round out the positive features of owning the Black + Decker GL8033.

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