Bosch ART 35 Heavy Duty Grass Trimmer Review

A 600-wat motor only begins to tell the power story for the Bosch ART 35 Heavy Duty Grass Trimmer. As the ideal trimmer for stubborn weeds and grass, the ART 35 includes a pro tap spool that produces a 1.6 by 8 metre line that ensures you push through lush vegetation. The immense power of this week wacker makes it the ultimate tool for removing thick grass and weeds to start a lawn or garden. Thirty-five centimetres of cutting width reduces the time you need to spend on lawn renovation projects.

Weighing less than five kilogrammes, the Bosch ART 35 Heavy Duty Grass Trimmer contains an angled drive shaft that allows you to reach difficult to access spaces. If you have growth between a shed and fence line, the angled drive shaft allows you to reach the growth and cut it down to size. The ergonomically friendly design provides comfort by decreasing the strain placed on your arm and shoulder muscles. Use the soft padded shoulder strap that evenly distributes the pressure placed on your body. The height adjustable handle eliminates the pressure placed on your back, which gives you more energy to finish the lawn care job, without having to take multiple periods of rest.

The power of this grass trimmer comes with a price, and not in pounds. Six-hundred watts running through a small motor generates plenty of noise. Some reviewers state the noise level generated by this weed wacker rivals the noise generated by some electric lawnmowers. With power comes vibrations, which mitigates the ergonomic benefits of using the grass trimmer. The cord required to produce electricity can hamper movement, as well as limit the amount of lawn coverage.


·         One of the most powerful grass trimmers on the market

·         Angled shaft drive for tough to reach spaces

·         Cutting width of 35 centimetres

·         Ergonomically friendly design

·         Height adjustable handle


·         Noisy

·         Produces strong vibrations

·         Electric cord impedes movement


The Bosch ART 35 Heavy Duty Grass Trimmer works best on large scale lawn care projects. Lawn care contractors should consider the grass trimmer for commercial properties overrun with lush weeds and grass. The ergonomically friendly design and 600-watt motor pushes this weed wacker to the top of the class. However, you have to deal with a lot of noise and vibrations, which makes the grass trimmer a difficult sell for homeowners living on small properties.

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