Charles Bentley Garden 350W Electric Grass Trimmer Review

The Charles Bentley Garden 350W Electric Grass Trimmer has earned a healthy dose of bad reviews. Reviews from both users and lawn care equipment experts lament the difficulty of assembling the grass trimmer. Sometimes, missing parts caused problems and other times poorly designed attachments didn’t attach. Reports that the nylon line breaks often and an ineffective automatic line feed renders the grass trimmer useless. You also have to squeeze two buttons together, while at the same time pulling the line feed through the spool. Consumers that don’t have the strength to accomplish the move should avoid the grass trimmer.

Several reviews complain about the feed line tangling around the end of the trimmer. Replacing spools takes time and costs money. Customer service ratings for the company lag behind competitors, as calls for assistance lacked prompt action. Some users mention that the company said it doesn’t sell spare parts. Even a perfectly designed strimmer eventually needs parts replaced. It’s highly unlikely that other grass trimmer manufacturers construct parts that match Charles Bentley specifications.

Now for the good news: At 11,000 rotations per minute, the line speed for the Charles Bentley Garden 350W Electric Grass Trimmer outranks virtually every other strimmer on the market. The super fast line speed quickly cuts the thickest weeds and grass down to the right size. You can use the strimmer on damp grass and not experience clogging of the feed line. The safety switch prevents serious injuries, such as deep cuts and potent electrical shocks. At 350 watts, the motor lacks the power to handle large lawns. Therefore, only homeowners should consider buying the strimmer for small to medium size yards.


·         Incredibly fast line speed of 11,000 rpms

·         Rarely clogs

·         Perfect for lush vegetation

·         Safety switch


·         No replacement parts

·         Difficult to assemble

·         Nylon line breaks often

·         Poor customer service

·         Requires strength to manipulate line through the spool


Line speed alone can’t save the Charles Bentley Garden 350W Electric Grass Trimmer from the trash heap. With so many other strimmers on the market offering features that outclass this strimmer, you should look elsewhere for a strimmer that doesn’t cause headaches. Difficult to assemble, poorly constructed line, and lack of replacement parts isn’t worth spending money on this grass trimmer.

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