Makita UR3000 240 Volt Electric Line Trimmer Review

When it’s time to trim your yard, you need a trimmer that adjusts on the fly. The Makita UR3000 240 Volt Electric Line Trimmer includes a 180-degree head adjustment and 240 millimetres of height adjustment. Users enjoy changing heights to adapt to different sections of a yard. Some shaded areas might not grow as fast, which makes the 240 millimetres of height adjustment a welcome feature. The electric line trimmer operates on a powerful burst of 240 volts to slice through the thickest weeds that form near bushes or along a fence line.

With a two line head, hex wrench, and protection cover, you have all of ingredients for a world-class grass trimmer. The protection cover prevents damage caused by flying debris, such as gravel and tree branches. Makita has engineered a 300-milimetre cutting diameter that allows you to get more work done in less time. Known for its highly efficient and powerful motors, Makita doesn’t disappoint with the electric line grass trimmer. Makita sources the best raw materials and components to create the flawless motor for the Makita UR3000 240 Volt Electric Line Trimmer. The highest grade of steel ensures the motor operates flawlessly in all types of weather conditions and over undulating terrain.

The wire gauge has caused problems for some users. Either the wire tangles with the gauge or it breaks after heavy use. The wire is supposed to keep the strimmer away from lawn obstacles, so its malfunctioning hurts the machine’s performance. If you remove the wire, the electric line trimmer still takes care of long grass and weeds. Therefore, you might want to remove it, before embarking on a lengthy grass-cutting job. The operating manual receives some flak for presenting mostly photographs, instead of written step-by-step instructions.


·         Powerful motor generates enough surge to clear out all types of vegetation

·         Protection cover prevents impact damage

·         High grade steel comprises the motor material

·         Three-hundred millimetre cutting diameter

·         Height adjustment range of 240 millimetres

·         Head adjustment of 180 degrees


·         Wire released from the gauge tangles and/or breaks

·         Operating manual not specific


If Makita corrects the wire gauge issue, you have one of the most prolific strimmers on the market. The Makita UR3000 240 Volt Electric Line Trimmer operates on 240 volts that slice through the thickest vegetation. You never have to worry about flying debris denting or scratching the powerful machine. This grass trimmer makes an excellent choice for lawn care specialists that cut grass throughout the day.

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