Spear & Jackson 450W 25cm Telescopic Grass Trimmer Review

A grass trimmer that possesses lines that never break is exactly what the lawn care doctor ordered for homeowners and lawn car specialists. The Spear & Jackson 450W 25cm Telescopic Grass Trimmer represents the quintessential high performance strimmer by providing you with unbreakable lines. It’s the ultimate grass trimmer for cutting along property perimeters, as well as near trees and lawn furniture. Users convert the strimmer from trimming grass to edging lawns by simply twisting the handle. The telescopic handle spans between 90 and 112 centimetres, which ensures you maintain the proper posture to cut your yard.

The 25-centimetre cutting width reduces the time you spend finishing a lawn care project. Spear & Jackson has installed a foot pedal into the strimmer that creates an easy angle cutting adjustment for hard to reach spots on your property. The automatic power feed from two engine sources make trimming grass an effortless task. Corrosion resistant materials keep the Spear & Jackson 450W 25cm Telescopic Grass Trimmer in pristine condition for years on end. The rotating trimmer head gives users the flexibility to navigate undulating terrain, without having to make manual adjustments that take time and effort.

The bottom line on the Spear & Jackson 450W 25cm Telescopic Grass Trimmer is that the lines rarely, if ever break. Online reviews of this dependable strimmer effusively praise the impervious construction of the lines. You have to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to find a review online that criticizes any of the elements of this popular grass trimmer. The price might be a little steep for some homeowner budgets, but you have to assume that receiving a superior grass trimmer should cost a few extra pounds.


·         Lines never break

·         Telescopic handle ergonomically friendly

·         Twist handle to change from trimming to edging mode

  • Automatic power feed ensures consistent trimming speed
  • Rotating trimmer head works great on undulating terrain
  • Impact and corrosion resistant exterior


  • You have to be a sleuth to find one


Do you remember the teacher that refused to give students an A+ for superior work? That’s kind of unfair, isn’t it? We don’t believe in limiting the grades handed out for grass trimming excellence, which makes the Spear & Jackson 450W 25cm Telescopic Grass Trimmer an A+ product for any lawn care project. The powerful engine works in concert with a telescopic handle to give you the most efficient and ergonomic strimmer available on the market.

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Spear & Jackson 450W 25cm Telescopic Grass Trimmer with Wheel Assist Edging Function
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