VonHaus 550W Electric Strimmer Review

It must be said that small trimmers are ten a penny these days, they all offer very similar promises, but the major defining factor that sets a good one apart from a mediocre one is that some deliver on those promises perfectly, whilst others are a bit more hit and miss.

Truth be told we would put the VonHaus 550W electric strimmer in the second category. Whilst there has indeed been some positive user feedback for it, there are too many inconsitancies with the experience many people have had for us to feel confident about this strimmer.

The business end of any strimmer is of course the cutting head and all it’s associated parts. On a well performing trimmer, a flawless bump feed will allow fresh trimmer cable to be fed out as and when the cable breaks. This model claims to have an auto feed feature, but for whatever reason it is very hit and miss, and there are no guarentees the line will be fed out as promised. Instead you may have to resort to taking the spooling head apart in order to pull the line free yourself, but given that there are two lines in there, both tightly wound, you can imagine how much of a headache this is to put back together. Not really something you want to be doing on a regular basis. To add insult to injury, the line spools themselves are a larger, non standard size, so once you’ve worked your way through the entire spool you could have a bit of a job tracking down a replacement.

Some users have also expressed concern with the edging wheel, stating that it protrudes in such a way that interferes with the cutting line, which in turn probably causes the line to break more frequently. Indeed you can’t help but think ‘after thought’ when looking at this feature, so there may well be some merit to these concerns.

The Positives

It’s not all bad of course, and we wouldn’t be doing a fair job if we didn’t point out the good things about this VonHaus strimmer.

  • It looks modern and well designed. This certainly isn’t some dusty relic that’s been flogged every year for the last 30
  • Height adjustable handle to suit all heights of user. Surprisingly many models still don’t offer this, so it’s always refreshing to see one that does
  • Fully adjustable cutting head, allows for both trimming and edging (although in truth it doesn’t perform particularly well as an edger)
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