Blaupunkt GX1000 Electric Mower Review

Electric mowers are becoming more and more prominent because of how easy they are to maintain, how quiet they are, and how eco-friendly they are. Blaupunkt Garden Tools GX1000 Electric Mower is one of the best electric mowers on the market, and one that you can pick up for just around £70.

This model is intended for use on small to medium lawns. Its 1000W motor has sufficient power to deal with most grass types, as it delivers a very solid 3400rpm. The blades are very sharp, and cut cleanly, efficiently and, most importantly, evenly. Besides that, the blades are positioned in such a way, and the deck has been designed so, that you can easily reach those pesky blades of grass that sit along the walls or next to flowerbeds. The deck is 32cm wide, allowing for a quicker job done.

Along with that, the deck can be lowered and raised to three positions. The back wheels are much larger that the front ones, a trait that increases the mower’s maneuverability on uneven terrain. The mower is capable of bagging the grass, and you will get a rear-mounted 30L bag.

One of the most interesting features on this mower is the folding handlebar. This reduces the amount of space the mower takes up, enabling you to store it more easily, and making the mower far less conspicuous.

However, electric mowers have one weakness, and GX1000 is no exception. They just can’t produce the same amount of power gas mowers can, which makes them less suitable for taking on very thick, heavy or wet grass. The blade can achieve a very impressive 3400rpm, but, if the grass hasn’t been mowed for a longer period of time, you may find some inconsistencies in the cut, and an occasional “mohawk” here and there.

In the end, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap, but fairly powerful, machine, Blaupunkt Garden Tools GX1000 electric mower is a very good choice. Again, the mower is intended for small and middle-sized lawns, so don’t expect it to mow an entire golf course. If you keep it realistic and don’t overestimate the mower, it should keep your lawn well-trimmed and tidy. The clipping disposal works fine too, and you can expect not to put in more work raking the grass after you’re done mowing.

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