Blaupunkt GX4000 Electric Mower Review

When convenience is more important than power, and eco-friendliness and not waking up your neighbors in the morning when you’re trying to beat the afternoon sun is paramount, an electric mower is an excellent alternative to a gas-guzzler. Blaupunkt Garden Tools GX4000 electric mower is one such great alternative and one that offers a good value for your money too, considering what it costs and what it can do.

And what this machine can do, is shave a mid-sized or even a large lawn. The thing that enables this is certainly the motor – it is rated to a whopping 1300W, delivering a staggering 3600rpm. Such power allows the mower to go through very tough grass and in the worst of conditions, all the while ensuring you that the cut will be even and consistent.

But the motor can only go so far when handling a large lawn – the deck needs to be of a considerable size as well. Well, GX4000 has cm deck that makes the mower suitable for such jobs. Not only that, but the deck’s height is adjustable too, and you can set it to 5 positions, allowing you quite some flexibility when determining how short or tall do you want the grass to be. Height adjustment is done very simply, and you only need fiddle with one stick-shift-looking lever located on the deck’s side.

When dealing with clippings, you will be able to put them away in a 35L bag. The mower sucks up the clippings very well, so you don’t have to bust out the rake after you’re done mowing. On top of that, the mower features a ”bag full” indicator so you know when to empty it.

The only real remark we have to place when it comes to GX4000 is the price. This machine, if bought off Amazon, will set you back some £100. This is more than what you’d pay for a mower of this type, but, considering the craftsmanship and the specifications, it’s not hard to see why it costs a hundred quid.

All in all, what you have on your hands is a splendid electric mower. Powerful, wide and light too, it will do the job with precision and ease. It costs a bit more, but it is worth every penny you put into it.

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