Blaupunkt GX7000 Electric Mower Review

Blaupunkt manufactures excellent electric mowers, and their GX7000 is one of them. This mower is superbly powerful and incredibly adaptable and suited for lawns of all sizes. The machine knows will stop at nothing, and even the most stubborn grass will fall before it without much hassle. With that being said, be prepared to dish out a slightly larger sum for the mower, as with great quality comes a hefty price tag.

What makes GX7000 so amazing is its motor. The motor is rated to 1800W, and can spin the blades at 3400rpm. With such high rpm and such power, not a blade of grass will go uncut. The mower slices through the grass like a hot knife through butter. Also, the cut will be even and consistent, no matter the thickness and condition of the grass.

We also said that this mower is good for any lawn. Its 42cm deck is wide enough to make it suitable for the largest of lawns, and, combined with the powerful motor, will allow you to be done with mowing in record time. The deck is also made to facilitate cutting of the grass along walls and flowerbeds, so you won’t be forced to cut or rip out those annoying blades manually. The deck has 6 height positions, and the height is easily changed through the use of a convenient lever on the size of the deck.

Lastly, the mower is also incredibly light and compact. Its lightweight construction enables anyone to use it without getting fatigued, which further facilitates the use of this machine on large lawns. The handlebar folds too, which allows for easy storage, and the machine can be conveniently stored in a tool shed without taking up a lot of space.

It is hard to find fault with such a great piece of equipment, and, indeed, we couldn’t find anything we disliked. The only note we’ll make is that the mower costs £160, which is a considerable sum. However, seeing as GX7000 performs excellently on any surface and under any circumstance, it’s hard to hold a grudge against it because of the price tag.

Overall, this is an amazing tool and one that you will want to own – if you can afford it. The mower doesn’t lack in power but brings with it all the advantages of an electric mower. If you have the cash, we warmly recommend you check out Blaupunkt GX7000.

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