Challenge 1100W Corded Hover Mower Review

Possibly one of the cheapest collecting hover lawn mowers on the market, this model from Challenge certainly gives the Flymo EasiGlide a run for its money, although at 1100 Watts compared to the Flymo’s 1300, it isn’t quite as powerful.

All the features that have come to be expected from a collecting hover mower are present, including an inspection window in the top of the transparent grass box to let you know when it’s starting to get full, and at 6.3kg the overall package is lightweight to make manouvering the mower as effortless as possible.

The plastic blade has come to be a standard feature on small hover mowers, and whilst we can completely understand the weight saving logic, it will inevetitably suffer from going blunt very quickly. Luckily there are packs of replacement blades available for just a few pounds, but if you like your mowing largely maintenance free, you might be irritated by how frequently you have to replace the blade.

In terms of controls the Challenge Hover mower features a simple but effective handlebar design, with a ‘dead mans ‘ lever on both sides so that both hands can take it in turns to control the power switch. The handle also folds to allow for ease of storage, and in its folded configuration the mower won’t take up much more space than an average cardboard box.

Like the equivilant Flymo model, this mower features a flexible plastic ‘bumper’ section around the perimeter of the cutting deck to avoid any damage that could otherwise result from accidentally knocking into hard objects such as fence posts or walls.

Whilst this hover mower does suffer from the same problem of the weight of the grass weighing it down and reducing the ‘hover height’, in its defence if used on the higher of the two cutting height settings, and in very small gardens only, it probably won’t be the end of the world as this effect will be far less noticable.

All in all then, this is a pretty cheap and cheerful bit of kit. There’s nothing really special about it, and indeed it won’t be winning any prizes for it’s low power motor or small grass box, but none of this will be of any consequence to you if you only have a small patch of grass to cut.

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