Einhell GE-CM 1030 Electric Lawn Mower Review

As the smallest in Einhell’s GE-CM range of electric mowers, the 1030 is a formidable challenger to the likes of the Flymo Easimo or Bosch Rotak 32.

Featuring a 1000 Watt motor this is firmly suited to smaller gardens of less than 300 square metres, but it will certainly cut them with all the same finesse as a larger mower would on a larger garden. The most notable feature with regard to performance is the large wheels, specifically designed to have a minimal impact on the lawn, and to allow you to tackle more uneven terrain without disruption. Your garden may be small, but it won’t necessarily be flat!

If you’ve got a small garden there’s a good chance you have a small shed or garage too. Being sympathetic to this fact Einhell have made the handlebar of the GE-CM 1030 foldable, such that the mower will take up almost half the storage space as it would do if the handlebar wasn’t folding.

At 11kg this definitely isn’t the lightest small lawn mower on the market, for instance the Flymo Easimo is less than 9kg, so if weight is a major issue you might want to look elsewhere.

The range of cutting heights offered by the 1030 are between 30 and 70 mm. This is definitely greater than most small lawn mowers, but it’s a question of personal preference whether this is an advantage to you or not.

The 25 litre grass collection box is a little on the small side, so we’d definitely say that’s one of this mowers weaker features. It also doesn’t assemble particularly well and is even prone to cracking if you get too heavy handed during assembly


  • Large ruggedised wheels and high cutting heights make this ideal for uneven and unkempt gardens
  • Folding handlebar makes this ideal for storage where space is scarse


  • Grassbox design leaves a lot to be desired, both in terms of capacity and quality of design
  • Handlebar only has a power switch on one side, therefore your right hand has to do all the work holding the switch down


All Einhell products tend to be pretty reliable, and this is no exception. So whilst we’re sure you won’t have any major issues with the GE-CM 1030, you probably won’t be blown away by it either. The cutting width is as small as any mower really gets, and the grass box is also tiny, but it does the job, and of course it retails at a very reasonable price. If your garden is small and uneven this is a great choice, but if you’ve got to mow a lawn larger than 300 square metres, there probably wouldn’t be any harm looking for something slightly larger instead.

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Einhell GC-EM 1030 1000 W Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 30 cm Cutting Width
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