Einhell GE-EM 1233 Electric Lawn Mower Review

As a textbook example of German engineering Einhell products are well known for their quality and reliability, particularly within the realm of petrol powered lawn mowers and other tools, but they’re also equally adept at producing a variety of other products, as this corded electric lawn mower demonstrates.

As Einhell’s solution to the needs of owners of smaller gardens, this mower isn’t the cheapest in its class, but the price tag is more than justified when you consider what features it boasts.

Perhaps most importantly of all, this machine is fitted with a powerful high torque motor that both cuts the grass with ease, and ensures that stalls and jams become a thing of the past. To complement this cutting prowess the mower includes a spacious 30 litre grass collection bag, and a range of 5 cutting heights.

To avoid leaving an impression on the lawn this lawn mower is fitted with unusually wide wheels that spread the load over a wide area, perfect if you’re more about a achieving a seamless uniform surface rather than stripes (and don’t want to go down the hover mower route… and if so we don’t blame you!)


  • Solid and reliable, yet lightweight construction
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Easy height adjustment – one lever does all 4 wheels
  • Design allows for mowing close to edges to deal with straggly grass at the lawns edge


  • Pricey for a small lawn mower
  • Features are arguably overkill for a mower that is only large enough to cut small lawns
  • Dead mans handle is only on one side of the handlebar, therefore you won’t be able to swap hands holding it down should your left hand get tired. A full length bar across the length of the entire handlebar would be a better design


If you’ve got a small garden and you want a really reliable mower, not to mention really tidy results then this is almost certainly the lawn mower for you, just bear in mind that it could be seen as over engineered and thus unnecessarily expensive, but then again, that could well be a nice problem to have if it means you get years of reliable stress free lawn mowing in return.

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