Flymo EasiGlide Plus Electric Lawn Mower Review

Representing the very top of the range of Flymo’s somewhat questionable hovering lawn mowers, the Easiglide Plus is the pinnacle of this technology, but does that make it any good?

The short answer is no, it makes it ok. On first glance the Easiglide Plus is certainly a curious looking machine, and clearly no expense has been spared on its modern styling and high quality finish, so there are certainly no qualms there.

In terms of performance this mower is blessed with a 1800 Watt motor, perhaps the biggest on the market as far as hover mowers are concerned, and this does add merit, doing away with some of the risk of the mower struggling to hover when it becomes too laden with grass. Again it’s not perfect, and once the mower has collected perhaps just over half the amount it should be able to, you might well find it scraping rather than hovering across your lawn.

Clearly the centre of gravity has not been properly considered in the design of this mower as any attempt to make a sweeping motion across the lawn rather than backwards and forwards (one of the few benefits hover mowers are able to try to claim over conventional mowers) and you’ll find it has a rather nasty tendency to tip over, bad for cutting grass and bad for safety.

On the plus side this mower does have a steel cutting blade, unlike other Flymo’s that have plastic blades to save weight, and it also features an inspection window so that you can see how full the grass collection box is, although again whether you’ll ever successfully get it anywhere near full before having to empty it due to the mower struggling under the weight is another thing.

Besides the cutting mechanism, another downside is the cable winding mechanism. It’s a flimsy and ineffective, and in truth it would be far easier from a storage perspective (not to mention cheaper to manufacture) if the cable were detachable like on older models.


Well as you may have guessed we still aren’t sold on the benefits of hover mowers, and given that this is apparently the top of the heap, the chances of finding a better hover mower are slim. If you’re used to hover mowers and are looking to upgrade then chances are this will be your ideal solution, in general though there are many other similarly priced conventional mowers on the market that offer an all round lawn mowing solution far superior to this one.

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