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At the budget end of the electric lawnmower market is the Easimo, as attractive for the price tag as it is for the performance.

As you might expect for a budget compact lawnmower this doesn’t feature some of the bells and whistles that its more expensive equivalents do, but that may not matter to you depending on your needs. Read on and judge for yourself.

If your garden is relatively small (say 10 metres x 10 metres maximum) then you won’t have any issues as far as the power cable goes, and likewise you probably won’t have any problem with having to empty the grass collection box too many times (at 29 litres capacity, it’s more than enough to cope with only one or two empties per session).

This mower doesn’t feature any intelligence with regard to compensating for tougher or rougher terrain like upping the torque on the motor, so unless your garden is completely flat and even then it’s probably worth forking out on something at little more sophisticated. Having said that, small mower, small lawn, chances are it will be fairly flat and even.

Again, back to lawn size and time spent mowing, the fact that the cutting width of this mower is 32cm rather than the 40cm or more of some more expensive models means that it will invariably take longer to cut the same piece of grass with this mower, but for such a small lawn it might be worth offsetting the time taken to cut the lawn against the cost of the mower. We reckon the chances are the slight increase in time is probably worth it for the price you pay.

The handle is ergonomically designed with a ‘deadmans’ handle on both sides, it’s only a handlebar type grip, nothing fancy but more than adequate for most people’s needs.

like all electric lawnmowers weight is a definite plus with this model, at just 8.3kg it’s operable by just about anyone.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Large grass container
  • Ergonomic handgrip
  • Good size handle on grass container and on handlebar adjustment knobs
  • Lightweight


  • Not up to same level of all round performance as larger and more expensive mowers
  • Blade height adjustment is limited – only 3 increments
  • Slightly flimsy construction in places
  • When fully laden with a full grass box the Easimo has a nasty tendency to tip backwards, so it’s not particularly well balanced
  • Grass box is also a bit fiddly to reattach at times


The Flymo Easimo doesn’t claim to be anything it’s not, you won’t find any gimmicks here, just honest and simple design that does what it promises, nothing more nothing less. There’s no denying that it would be great if it had some of the features of more expensive mowers such as a fancier handlebar or greater height adjustment, but as mentioned earlier, for such a low price you really can’t argue, not to mention the fact that you probably aren’t too concerned about things like that if you only want something to keep your garden from turning into a jungle!

As an added bonus this mower is also available as part of a bundle which features a Flymo strimmer thrown in for free. Not only is this a great deal, but its pretty important as it also takes care of cutting the edge of your lawn where the mower would struggle.

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