Greenworks Battery Powered Lawn Mower Review

greenworks battery mower spec imageGreen by name, green by nature, and indeed green in appearance, this innovative mower features not only cordless electric technology, but has the added benefit of being both a conventional lawn mower and mulching mower all in one. Intrigued? You should be, let’s take a closer look…

First things first this mower ticks all of the ‘must have’ boxes:

  • 50 litre grass collection box, means more time mowing, less time spent emptying grass
  • 20-70mm cutting height adjustment, with 6 increments, means lawns of various states of neglect can be trimmed equally as well
  • Steel cutting blade, a strong cutting surface that can be sharpened ensuring consistent cutting performance
  • 40cm blade cutting width

What this mower also features are several more standout/unique features set it aside from other mowers of a similar size and cost. This includes:

  • A composite cutting deck. This is both a lightweight and strong solution that is durable, and very tough against stones, walls and other garden hazards, but more importantly it keeps the weight of the mower down, giving you improved control and manoeuvrability, and not to mention of course, a less back-breaking task.
  • Large wheels, again to improve manoeuvrability
  • Carefully considered ergonomic features such as rubberized handgrips and an adjustable/folding handle. Make no mistake, these seem like little features, but they can be the difference between making the task of mowing a real chore and a pleasant afternoon’s activity. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable handle bar if you’re holding it for any length of time, or the frustration of trying to cram a bulky mower back into an overcrowded shed
  • Like other battery-powered mowers, this model provides all the benefits of a petrol mower and conventional electric mower combined, but without the drawbacks, such as the noise of a petrol engine, or the irritation of a cord trailing behind you. What the battery technology of this mower also offers, is 40 minutes of cutting time on a single charge, and charging time of just 2 hours. Impressive stuff we’re sure you’ll agree.
  • A really simple plug-in unit that allows you to transform this mower from a grass collecting mower to a grass mulching mower, all without the need for tools.


If you’re looking to make the transition from corded electric, or petrol, to cordless electric, then there really aren’t many mowers that would do the job better than this one. With its superior lithium-ion battery technology and range of other features to improve the user experience and functional versatility, this is a mower to be reckoned with.

Incidentally we’re surprised that Greenworks haven’t grown into a bigger name in recent years. When we first came across this mower we thought it only a matter of time before it started really challenging the big boys (Bosch, Black and Decker etc) but as yet it hasn’t happened, which is a real shame because you can really sense the integrity greenworks have towards their products with this and their other tools.

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