Hayter 615 Spirit 41 Electric Lawn Mower Review

Hayter Spirit 41 Spec Image A quintessential British manufacturer, Hayter have been producing lawn mowers for over 60 years. One of the companies to pioneer in the development of the rotary mower, their experience and expertise has helped cement their place in the hearts and toolsheds of amateur and professional gardeners for decades.

This mower comes ready for use straight from the box, with all the features you’d expect from an electric mower including a rear roller, 41 cm cutting width, a generous 55 litre grass collection box, and 1500 Watts of cutting power, perfect for any medium sized garden.

This mower also boasts other features that take it ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ compared to other mowers, the aluminium cutting deck is high impact, and won’t rust, and the upper housing is made from a sturdy ABS. Also worthy of note is the fact that the roller runs smoothly on decent roller bearings, ensuring that you have no problems getting the stripes on the lawn that you desire.

Another really neat feature is the detachable power cord. It’s such a simple idea that it’s baffling that more manufacturers don’t do the same, it makes the cable easier to roll up and stow when it’s not attached to the mower, and of course it means that should the cable get damaged you can replace it, brilliant!


  • Comes complete with all the standard expected features: Decent cutting width, power etc. However what sets this mower apart is the overall quality, both in terms of construction and performance
  • Detachable cable for ease of replacement and stowage
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Grass guide ‘fins’ to guide grass into cutting blade at lawn edges
  • 13-65mm cutting height in 7 increments
  • Supremely quiet during operation
  • High quality end result – grass is very cleanly cut


  • Non height adjustable handles. Not too much of an issue for most, but would have been an easy enough feature to incorporate.
  • Heavy for an electric mower (29kg) which makes it less easy for some people to use, however the added weight does help with the roller’s flattening ability, so this could be seen as a pro depending on your point of view.


This is a top quality machine, and despite a few short comings there is no denying it that when it comes to cutting the grass (let’s face it probably the most important thing here) it doesn’t disappoint. Hayter have always been renowned for being a brand built on quality and reliability, and whilst you’ll pay a bit more for it, what you get will last a lot longer than most of the competition.

You won’t find any stray grass cuttings after you’ve finished mowing, the engineers have clearly spent time ensuring that the whole process from cut to collection is totally immaculate. Of course you’ll always have the option of cutting without the grass collection box, but it would be a shame to not to capitalize on this.

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