Makita ELM4110X Electric Lawn Mower Review

Unusually for an electric lawn mower, the Makita ELM4110X is equipped with a steel deck. This makes it resemble a petrol mower, and at 23kg it almost weighs as much as one.

So whilst an initial point of concern might be that this will be hard to push around, given that it doesn’t have a self propulsion mode, the ELM4110X does have a lot of redeeming features if you’re able to cope with the weight.

For an electric mower it’s both powerful thanks to its 1600 Watt motor, and will cope well on large gardens of up to 600 square metres, thanks to its 41 cm cutting width and 50 litre grass box. Again these are the sort of specifications you might expect from a mid sized petrol lawn mower, so if you like the size and rugged design of a petrol mower but don’t want the hassle of a petrol engine, or even batteries, this is the ideal solution for you.

Of course there is one major counter intuitive factor at play here, the fact this is designed for larger gardens, and yet will be constricted by a power cable makes it an odd combination of features. Indeed, the lead supplied with the mower is only 10 metres long, so you’ll almost certainly need an extension lead. Again, if you’re happy to work with a large extension cable trailing behind you, then you won’t have any issues, but in many ways this does seem like a petrol mower masquerading as an electric one.

Being a Makita product, the build quality is to a high standard, and the sealed bearings in the wheels mean you won’t have any issues with the wheels seizing if you neglect to clean and dry them off post cut. The steel deck also means of course that knocks and prangs with solid objects in the garden won’t damage the deck in any way other than perhaps the odd scratch or minor dent


  • High quality design and build
  • High spec features for an electric lawn mower, gives you many of the advantages associated with a petrol lawn mower


  • At 23kg this is very heavy for an electric lawn mower, and there is no self propulsion to aid you when pushing it
  • Only a short (10m) power cable supplied


This is an unusual configuration for an electric lawn mower, but we’re certain it will satisfy you if you have a specific set of requirements, so in many ways it’s a credit to Makita that they’ve catored for such a specific niche. We would still however recommend you check out leading models in both the electric and petrol lawn mower niches before plumping for the ELM4110X.

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