Mountfield Princess 38 Electric Rear Roller Lawnmower Review

The Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower has earned the reputation for providing owners with incredible value. That’s because the highly affordable lawnmower endures well beyond the lifespan of the average electric lawnmower. Large diameter rear wheels and the seamlessly integrated rear wheel roller ensure the lawnmower remains balanced over the most undulating terrain. The rear wheel roller also creates a stripped effect on grass cut at lower heights. Fully folding handles keeps the lawnmower steering mechanism intact for years to come.

Under the cutting deck, you reap the benefits of an anti-scalp comb that enhances the cutting finish. Instead of shredding grass blades to mulch, this lawnmower produces a clean cut that fosters additional growth. This feature is especially important during the dry season, when grass needs to grow longer than average to retain its vibrant health. The rear grass deflector flap includes a vision window that allows you to see when the collector reaches capacity. Clear view of the collection bag is an important feature, as the grass collection box holds less than average volume. Whenever the grass collection box becomes full, the mulching plug sends excess grass clippings off to the side.

A one-year warranty falls beneath lawnmower industry standards. At 13 kilogrammes, this electric lawnmower can produce a drag effect caused by the above average weight. With a power output of 1,600 watts, the Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower exceeds the standards set by experts of electric lawnmowers.


·        Above average handling

·        Long lifespan

·        Grass deflector flap includes vision window

·        Easy to assemble

·        Fully folding handles

·        1,600-wat power output


·        Only a one-year warranty

·        Main cable plugged into a socket

·        Body susceptible to corrosion

·        Produces a drag effect caused by weight

·        Small grass collection box


The Mountfield Princess 38 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower handles so well, it’s often the preferred lawnmower choice for lawn care companies. However, the lawnmower produces a drag effect caused by the above average weight of the body. The small grass collection box slows down large-scale jobs, as you have to empty the box numerous times. Powerful output and ergonomically designed folding handles makes this lawnmower a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages.

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