Qualcast 1000W Electric Lawnmower Review

With a name long associated with British lawn mowing excellence you’re almost guaranteed decent mowing performance when you buy a Qualcast mower. Known particularly for their ‘Suffolk Punch’ range of cylinder mowers, Qualcast (now owned by German giant Bosch) haven’t shied away from the good old electric rotary mower, as demonstrated with this 1000 Watt model.

Much like other mowers in its class this mower has many standard features that you would expect to see: a steel cutting blade, range of 3 cutting heights, lightweight design, and an ergonomically designed handle. Unlike other mowers of this size, this doesn’t feel too flimsy, and consistently does a good job of cutting the grass, and this is partly thanks to its powerful high speed motor.


  • Honest design, no gimmicky features to hide behind
  • High speed motor for optimum grass cutting performance
  • Lightweight design for ease of manoeuvrability, both in use and when getting in and out of storage
  • Solid construction
  • 32cm cutting width


  • 30 litre grass box is a little on the mean side, you could find yourself making a few trips to the compost heap as you use this mower. Like many grass boxes it also proves to be quite challenging to assemble, particularly if you have arthritic fingers


This is a humble little mower that doesn’t make any bold claims or feature any dubious add ons. It does a fine job of cutting a small lawn, and if that’s all you’re looking for then its the perfect match for you. One thing that definitely does set this mower apart from its closest competitors is its sheer value for money. At sub £50 it’s certainly one of the best cheap lawn mowers available.

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