Qualcast Concorde 32 Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower Review

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Stepping into the world of electric cylinder mowers this modern machine from Qualcast is worth considering if you think that you’ll benefit from the features of a cylinder mower, which vitally of course means a greater level of mower maintenance.

By no means a cheap lawn mower, this will benefit those with relatively small and flat lawns that are regularly and well cared for. If you’re looking to achieve a level of lawn greatness comparable to a bowling green then this is the machine for the job, however if your garden is lumpy and overgrown, and you don’t much care for mowing the lawn regularly then a rotary mower would be a better option for you. The 400 Watt motor has much less bite than more powerful cylinder mowers, so won’t respond well to anything too challenging, such as thick long grass.

When setting this mower up for its maiden use you must ensure that the ‘scissor’ action between the rotary blades and the fixed blade is correct, or else you will find the mower performs poorly. Do take the time to consult the manual on this, or else you could be disappointed. Also be aware that this adjustment, as well as the sharpening of the blades will become something you need to attend to regularly throughout the lifetime of this mower.

In use the 17 metre cable ensures that this mower will cover a small garden with ease, without the need for extension cables.


• Offers superior cut compared to rotary mowers if used regularly, and the lawn is small and flat
• Light weight (9kg) makes use by the weak elderly a non issue
• 23 litre grass box sufficient for small gardens


• Requires high level of care and adjustment
• Expensive
• Roller functionality is not the best due to the light weight of the mower not exerting too much force on the ground
• Not suitable for the needs of most amateur gardeners
• Grass box design is (as is the case with most cylinder mowers) not the best as once full the grass has a tendency to spill out, or worse fall back onto the blades, which at best is a visual obstruction and at worst makes a mess of an otherwise immaculate lawn


As has been the running theme here, this mower really is for the serious lawn enthusiast only, but if that’s you all over then make no mistake, this is one of the best electric cylinder lawn mowers available to you. Providing it is both used and maintained regularly, it will be a welcome companion as you go about caring for your garden.

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