Ryobi RLM15E36H Electric Lawnmower Review

It’s fair to say that Ryobi are in fierce competition with Bosch, eager to take the mantle as the market leader when it comes to electric and cordless lawn mowers.

To be fair they’re doing a pretty good job so far, and on first inspection of the RLM15E36H, a 1600 Watt corded electric model, it’s pretty clear to see Bosch in particular are the clear inspiration behind many of the features on offer.

Like Bosch’s Rotak lawn mowers this model features a distinct ergonomically designed ‘Vertebrae’ handlebar, designed to be more comfortable to use than the standard ‘bar’ found on most mowers. This comfortable ‘pistol’ type grip for both hands also features a power switch on both handles meaning that you can loosen your grip with one hand should you wish to and not suffer any ill effects.

This lawn mower features a generous 45 litre grass box, which is large relative to the 36 cm cutting width, therefore giving you the advantage of a narrow and manoeuvrable mower that doesn’t need to be emptied often.

The other feature we really like is the grass cutting height adjustment lever, it’s a single point of adjustment, and you get 5 different cutting heights to choose from.

In fact the only real drawback we can find with the RLM15E36H is the slight design issue with the power cord connector, for some reason it doesn’t click into position, rather it just pushes into place. Unfortunately this makes it all too easy to accidentally pull the cable free, and in turn cut the power, mid through the job.


  • Large grass box to narrow cutting width ratio makes this the perfect choice for mid sized gardens
  • Excellently designed controls make the mower easy to operate by all users
  • Has a similar ‘edging’ feature to other market leaders to enable close cutting to the edge of the lawn
  • Handlebar folds down for ease of storage


  • Power connector design definitely needs attention
  • at least 25% more expensive than the equivalent Bosch model


This is a fine mower, and there are very few complaints to be made about it. Most agree that it is well constructed and performs exactly as it should. It does however come at quite a price for the privilege, and you can get similar sized mowers for a lot less. It’s hard to say if this would last longer than other leading models, the cynic in us would probably say no!

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