VonHaus 15/090 Electric Lawn Mower Review

With an ergonomic and user friendly fold down handle and longer than average 10-metre power cable, the VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower has changed the way we cut grass. You no longer have to feel like you’ve just run a 26-mile marathon pushing a loud, vibrating machine that never gets the lawn care job right. At just 10.4 kilogrammes, this lawn mower comes with an industry leading extended two-year warranty that costs you nothing to purchase.

The VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower performs admirably on most types of lawn surfaces, from flat yards lacking rocks to sloping terrains that include multiple ground holes. VonHaus have integrated a very powerful 1,200-watt motor that moves through the dampest vegetation to create a uniform cut. Users have the flexibility to set the  rugged 32-centimetre cutting blade at 30, 45, and 60 millimetres, and the larger than industry average 30-litre grass box means users spend more time mowing and less time emptying loads of grass.

As far as handling goes, the VonHaus electric Rotary Lawnmower moves about flawlessly due to the wide wheel system that produces incredible balance. However, because of its lightweight design, the lawnmower struggles at times to move laterally on the side of a hill. Users must push and pull the lawnmower up and down steep hills to ensure a uniform cut, and it must be said the 3,500 rotations per minute of the engine falls below the industry average for electric rotary lawnmowers.

For electric rotary lawnmowers, this VonHaus model has demonstrated above average durability, especially when it comes to resisting damage caused by flying debris and prolonged exposure to moisture. The factory tested exterior of the lawnmower has proven to outlast the exteriors of other types of electric rotary lawnmowers.


  • Overload protection prevents engine damage
  • Three cutting blade size options
  • Fold down handle reduces hand and arm pain
  • Larger than average grass collection box
  • Ten-metre power cable provides movement flexibility
  • Durable design handles the worst weather conditions
  • Perfect for lawns of all sizes


  • Sometimes struggles to cut long, moist grass
  • Poor cutting performance laterally on steep sides of hills
  • Some models experience wheel maintenance issues
  • No washers or R pins to attach the wheels


Like the Vonhaus blower we checked out recently, this mower follows the same ethos of simple, durable and reliable design, in this case to achieve great grass cutting results. A lesser known name in the lawn mower world it may be, but that doesn’t mean it’s without great merit worthy of your attention.

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