WORX WG776E Battery Lawn Mower Review

A slightly more affordable alternative to more expensive battery powered lawn mowers such as those offered by Bosch or Black and Decker, the Worx WG776E is none the less a reliable mower that comes with a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

At 14kg this is certainly light for a battery mower, with battery powered mowers only in recent years becoming light enough to be truly commercially viable. None the less it isn’t the 7 or 8kg that many small mains powered electric mowers are, so if you’re used to light weight models such as these you might need to think carefully before making the jump to cordless.

As always of course, going cordless means increased freedom as you roam around the garden with no concerns about cables or needing a plug socket, but if you were thinking that a petrol mower would be your ideal solution to otherwise being tethered, then it’s worth taking a moment to see what advantages this model has over petrol mowers that some battery mowers either a) don’t have or, b) don’t do as well. Highlights among such features include ‘intellicut’ technology that adjusts the torque on the motor depending on the coarseness of the grass, and the ‘mute’ setting that reduces the noise the motor makes. Playing devils advocate it is worth mentioning that the latter is really just a step down setting that reduces the power to the motor, rather than actually making it quieter, but it could still be a handy feature if you’re mowing at an unsociable time, or simply don’t require the motor to have as much grunt during a particular mowing session.


  • Versatile electric motor with intellicut and ‘mute’ technology
  • Lightweight at only 14kg
  • Particularly neat and compact folding mechanism for the handlebar- great for storage
  • Lithium ion battery complete with charge level indicator so that you know exactly how much running time is left
  • Battery can also be used in other Worx garden tools


  • Build quality not up to the same standard as more expensive cordless lawn mowers
  • Running time less than other cordless mowers (accounts vary, but expect 15-20 minutes on a single charge and decide whether this will be sufficient for your needs
  • Lowest cutting height setting is slightly too low for some users, with reports of scalping as a result


a reasonably priced cordless mower, the WG776E gives other comparible machines a real run for their money in a variety of ways, it’s light, quiet, and has some pleasantly surprising quirks such as the compact size it collapses down to thanks to the handle bar design. That said the difference in quality between this and other mowers, though subtle, is noticable by the overall look and feel. We don’t have the data to proove it, but we’d be surprised to see this machine lasting as long as a Bosch, or even Black and Decker lawn mower. None the less, if value for money is what you’re after, this mower has it in bundles, so if treated with respect and not used too extensively there’s no reason why it couldn’t serve you well.

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