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They stack them high in the stores to keep up with demand, but what makes Bosch products stand out from the crowd?

The Gardeners Choice of Lawn Mowers

If you’ve looked through a few of our reviews here at Lawn Mower Wizard then you’ll have noticed we’re big fans of the German manufacturer Bosch, and with good reason, their products continue to be market leaders in a variety of areas including but by no means limited to, automotive parts (check out your car windscreen wipers, there’s a good chance they’re Bosch), security systems, kitchen white goods, and of course electric garden tools. Bosch employs over 300,000 people world-wide, trades in over 150 countries, and continues to do everything it can to remain at the forefront of modern engineering and electronics, including investing heavily in research and development.

But just what is it about this company that makes them stand out from the crowd? Well, let’s start at the beginning on this one!

Bosch, or to give the company it’s full name ‘Robert Bosch GmbH’ was founded by Robert Bosch in the latter part of the 19th century, with the company opening its first major manufacturing plant in Stuttgart in 1901. Robert Bosch himself had come from a working class family, but his father had been a strong believer in the importance of education, and as such the young Bosch was afforded the opportunity to both study to become a precision engineer, and work for several high profile companies such as Siemens. Eventually branching out on his own, one of Bosch’s first great achievements was the development of a major technical improvement to the ignition system used on internal combustion engines, this was to prove a game changer to the automotive industry, and a sign of things to come for the Bosch organisation.

Building on this earlier success, by 1902 the company was busy producing the world’s first commercially viable engine spark plug, through the spirit of innovation Bosch had established themselves as market leaders in the automotive parts industry. In the years that followed more innovations and more investments resulted in the company establishing themselves in a whole variety of markets, some well known, some very successful, and some less so – does anyone remember Bosch mobile phones? Probably not, but then Bosch have never been afraid of experimenting in markets less familiar to them, and it’s largely this willingness to ‘have a go’ that’s been at the heart of their success.

As far as lawn mowers and garden tools go, this same spirit of innovation has always been clearly evident, Bosch lawn mowers are full to the brim with clever features unmatched by other manufacturers, from the simple but highly comfortable and effective ‘Ergoflex’ handlebars on their electric mowers, right up to the latest ‘Indigo Connect’  tablet controlled system for their robotic lawn mower. Also worthy of note is that Bosch were the first company to sucessfully integrate lithium ion battery technology into cordless electric lawn mowers back in 2007, and of course many other companies have since followed suit. It’s probably safe to assume that Bosch will continue to be one step ahead of the game in this respect given their head start.

When you buy a Bosch product you can be sure that a rigorous level of though has gone into almost every facet to the design, giving you superior performance first time, every time.


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