Kick Back & Mow Your Lawn: The Buyer’s Guide to Robotic Lawn Mowers

Have you ever dreamed of cutting your lawn, while you have your feet propped up on a cushioned chair and sipping your favorite beverage? Robotic lawnmowers have entered the consumer mainstream by offering several benefits that include enhanced lawn appearance and the time saved that allows you to perform another home improvement project.

Here is what consumers need to consider when shopping for the right robotic lawnmower:

Lawn Size

Every robotic mower has a maximum area that it can mow accurately and efficiently. Homeowners can follow this simple rule: the larger your lawn, the larger robotic lawnmower you will need to purchase.

Lawnmower Weight

The same weight issues that homeowners need to consider for other types of lawnmowers apply to robotic mowers. Heavy lawnmowers leave wheel marks on lawns, especially lawns that include moist topsoil. Consider buying a lightweight robotic lawnmower, although if you have a hilly lawn, a heavier model does a better job of moving up and down slopes

Noise Level

Homeowners typically program robotic mowers to determine when the mowers will mow their lawns. If you want to cut grass at night, you need to find a robotic lawnmower that generates little, if any noise. High-quality robotic mowers should be quiet enough not to wake sleeping neighbors.

Type of Blade

Homeowners have two types of blade options: fixed or pivoting. The highest performance robotic lawnmowers use a pivoting blade to move the mower whenever it encounters a large, heavy objected. A robotic mower that operates a fixed blade tends to get stuck on a large, heavy object, which defeats the purpose of buying a self-operated lawnmower.

Anti-Theft Mechanism

The immense popularity of robotic lawnmowers has created fertile market for thieves. Only consider purchasing a robotic lawnmower that includes an alarm and additional anti-theft mechanisms, such as GPS sensors and PIN code access.

Garden Shape and Complexity

Although size matters in making a robotic mower purchasing decision, the shape and complexity of your lawn’s landscape also plays a role in the type of robotic mower you buy. If your lawn contains narrow passages and multiple different shapes, then you should consider a small robotic lawnmower to add to your lawn care inventory.

Prices for robotic lawnmowers typically run higher than conventional lawnmowers. However, the numerous benefits of owning a robotic mower outweigh cost issues.

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