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The Best Lawn Scarifier

Like lawn mowers, scarifiers and lawn rakers come in about as many shapes and sizes as you could possibly imagine. And like lawn mowers you’ll need to consider several key factors such as how big your garden is when deciding which one to buy. If you’re unsure what a scarifier does, or whether you need one or not, check out this page which explains what scarification is, and when it’s required.

Lawn Rakers & Scarifiers Reviews

Black & Decker GD300 30 cm Lawnraker

One of the top sellers for small and medium sized gardens, this lawn raker from Black & Decker is, like their mowers, a fine example of carefully thought out domestic engineering which delivers both as a user friendly piece of kit, and most importantly as an effective lawn raking device. Featuring 3 different settings that allow you to do everything from prize away the most stubborn of moss, to simply clearing away fallen leaves in the Autumn. This machine will prove it’s mettle all year round. If we had to pick fault it would be that the debris catcher  has a nasty tendency to come loose of the machine when working particularly bumpy ground. Make no mistake then, this is not a piece of heavy agricultural machinery, and if you do have a large, uneven garden you should opt for something more substantial. 4/5

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Flymo 750 Watt Lawnraker Compact 3400

From the masters of the hovermower comes this ‘scariffic’ offering. Again as far as usability goes there isn’t much to criticize here, suited to both left and right handers, the contained debris collector means there isn’t any risk of moss and thatch spilling back onto the lawn, and with an impressive 6 possible rake height positions there is almost no raking job that this isn’t suited to. One possible downside is that the raking tines have been known to break when things get too rigorous, but as long as you treat it with a little respect you shouldn’t have any issue with this. 4.5/5

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 Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Lawnraker

One of the more powerful electric lawn rakers on the market this is a rugged machine by Bosch that promises to take care of the most stubborn lawn thatch and moss that most domestic gardens are likely to be plagued with. The AVR 1100 has several innovative features, not least it’s ‘Jet collect’ system, to improve the flow of waste material into the hopper. Crucially this model features steel raking blades, rather than tines, which are more open to use on uneven and unpredictable ground. This model is also notable for more closely resembling a lawn mower than the Flymo and Black & Decker models above, complete with the waste collection box on the back rather than the front. So it’s a safe bet if you want to keep things intuitive 4.5/5

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AL-KO 38P Combi-Care 2-in-1 Petrol Lawnrake/ Scarifier

A slightly more heavy duty, petrol driven machine, this offering from AL-KO also boasts greater versatility than some other scarifier/rakers, by it’s inclusion of an interchangeable cassette. For more gentle raking there is a cassette with thin tines, and for scarifying a heavy duty bladed cassette. Obviously the greatest advantage this machine is it’s ability to be used freely and without the hassle of a cable. So if you have a large garden in need of rejuvenation this could very well be a useful addition to your armory. 4/5

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