New Bosch ‘EasyCut 12’ Saw Released

Chainsaws, they’re big scary things that only a maniac would want to use right? Well not anymore, Bosch have just released the worlds first ‘NanoBlade’ equipped saw, which in other words makes it a small hand held chainsaw, and a very versatile little tool at that. Introducing the Bosch EasyCut 12.

As a winner at this years Chelsea Flower show ‘Product of the Year Award’ Bosch are obviously pretty impressed with this bit of kit. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why.

First off, this saw is designed for both home and garden use, so you’ll find it just as useful for trimming back the branches of trees as you will using it in place of a jigsaw or circular saw. The biggest advantage it has over such tools, is according to Bosch, that vibration is completely eliminated. So for instance when trimming branches in the garden, the annoying swaying motion of the branch as you saw back and forth with a small hand saw will become a thing of the past. Instead it’s simple case of slicing through the branch as though it were a piece of cake, which should make the job, well, a piece of cake. The saw might be small but it can cut through branches up to 65mm thick! This is especially impressive when you consider that some conventional chainsaws are only designed to cut through 100mm!

Just as impressive are the claims of maintenance, in a much that none is required. With most full sized chainsaws you can expect to have to lubricate the chain, either manually or with an automatic chain lubricating system. However with the EasyCut 12 Bosch claim to have engineered the product so well that there is absolutely no need to lubricate the chain, or indeed to maintain the tool in any other way. The only thing to note with regard to the life of the chain is that it will cut though 100 metres of wood before it will need to be changed. To be fair, that’s quite a lot of cutting!

The EasyCut 12 forms part of the Bosch ‘Power4All’ range of tools, meaning that the battery and charger are compatible with other tools within this range. This is a great potential cost saver especially if you already own other tools within this range and can afford to buy the tool bare without additional batteries or chargers.

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